Virtual Internship for GAIT examinees:

Virtual internship is the next step GAIT, open to all the students who take GAIT and fulfill the skill requirements set by the industry.


For companies:

“Virtual Internship”, a platform from where an Employer can judge student before final hiring.

“VI gives us a taste of the talented individuals on how they may fit in our work environment, how diligently and professionally they take up tasks and stick to timelines. “

For students:

Virtual Internship offers students an opportunity to get a structured work experience and exposure to the work culture of Japan. This experience develops and enhances student’s career and academic prospects.

A win-win situation for all:

Company: Unlike an interview, “Virtual Internship” allows managers, team leaders, and employees to work with a candidate enabling them to test the skills, compatibility, and vision of the students before hiring


As it’s not an interview there are no a hit-miss scenarios as they get ample amount of time to prove their worth. Virtual Internship is not about college brands or impressing the interviewer but about actual skills required during work.

The students will get a chance to be trained upon the latest technologies and feel the actual skill /work culture/ social challenges when working with an international company.

All students irrespective of final selection or not will be awarded achievement certificate by leading companies in Japan.


Parameters evaluated during Virtual Internship:

1. Punctuality : Being punctual sticking to every timeline (eg: project submission, reporting time etc.) (1 Demerit Point per instance)

2. Quality of work : You have to be dedicated , the best quality is expected out of an individual. Incomplete work submission is not accepted. (1 Demerit Point per instance)

3. Teamwork (1 Demerit Point per instance)

4. Communication Skills (1 Demerit Point per instance)

5. Logical Skills (1 Demerit Point per instance)

6. Presentation Skills (1 Demerit Point per instance)

7. Following corporate compliances and follow instructions given by the trainer to the dot. No copy paste will be tolerated and may lead in termination of the internship. (3 Demerit Points)

8. Positive attitude (1 Demerit Point per instance) Indiscipline is not accepted, any such behavior would lead to the candidates ouster.

A candidate would be handed out a demerit point for not following laid out protocols by the trainer. If a candidate accumulates 3 demerit points he/she will have to leave the internship. Demerit points is one of the criteria for further selection but it is not the sole criterion for further selection.