For Corporate Users

Who developed the GAIT program?

GAIT was developed by Japan Third Party Co., Ltd. (JTP), which is a vendor-neutral service provider that boasts a high degree of expertise and experience in a diverse array of IT services (help desks, call centers, IT education and training services, hardware and software support, etc.).

Furthermore, in a bid to cover the latest technical content essential for today’s IT professionals, GAIT questions are developed by Subject Matter Experts (SMEs).

How long do I need to wait before I can retake the assessment?

A 14-day re-assessment policy was put in place on April 1, 2015.

Individuals wanting to retake the assessment can reapply 14 days after their first sitting using the same assessment number.

Can I get a digital copy of my report?

Digital copies of reports are not issued to individuals so as to prevent the unauthorized copying or reproduction of reports. Candidates taking the assessment as part of a group test with an organization can choose either a hard copy or digital report.

Can GAIT be taken in other languages?

Yes. It is available in English, Chinese, and Japanese.

How can I take GAIT?

GAIT can be taken in three ways.

There are two main programs; the Certification Program and the Online Program.

The Certification Program is offered onsite at a Prometric test center, which is strictly observed by proctors or security cameras during the assessment, and individuals who take the assessment sit in their own private space, partitioned off from other candidates. The Online Program can be taken at any time from anywhere with internet access. Please note that these two programs have different cancelation policies and reporting formats. Also, the Online Program can be taken individually or as a group through a school or company.

Are any questions country-specific? (i.e. questions about the country’s laws and regulations).

The content is the same for Japanese and English speakers. The assessment does not contain country or region specific content.

What is the most efficient way for me to improve my GAIT score?

The fastest way to boost your score is to focus on the lowest scoring areas in your last GAIT assessment.

Are there any rules or requirements relating to picking a password?

Yes, you need to follow the guidelines outlined below.

  • A password must be more than 8 characters long.
  • It must contain at least 1 English letter and 1 number.
  • It can only contain letters of the alphabet, numbers and the symbols “!%&‘()._:;”.

Also, for security reasons, we recommend that you use a unique password, which you do not use on any other website.

ID & Password

Can I change my password?

If you have yet to log in, the person in charge of group testing can change your password by selecting the “renew personal details” option at the top of the My Page. If you have already logged in before with that password, you can change the password yourself by clicking on the “Forgot your password?” option on your My Page, and you will receive details about how to reset your password.

You will have to confirm your date of birth and email address to do so. For those registered to take a group test, you will need to share your date of birth with the person in charge of organizing your group test.

I want to update my personal information on My Page. How do I do that?

To update personal information, first pull up the group test coordinator’s My Page search window and select “Candidate” in the search mode section, and once the search results appear, you can download the file. Then, update the content you wish to change in the file, and upload it again. You will need to select “Candidate (Update)” as the file type on the file upload screen. It’s the same as when you originally uploaded the new file.

If the candidate has changed their password, it is not possible to revert back to the original password using the downloaded file. The only way to revert back to the original password is if the file is in its original state and has not been updated by the candidate.


Where can I confirm the Candidate’s Seq (Sequence Number)?

On the group test coordinator’s My Page, select “Candidate” in the search mode section, and download the file from the search results. You can confirm the Candidate’s Seq in that file.

Can I register additional candidates during the assessment period?

Yes, if it is before 22:00(JST) on the final day of the assessment period, you can register any number of additional candidates by uploading the registration files.

Can I pull out of the assessment after I have registered?

The registration file uploaded to the group test coordinator’s My Page can be deleted up until the day before the assessment period starts. However, it should be understood that it is not possible to withdraw once the assessment period has started.

Test Day

My score does not appear on the file I downloaded. What should I do?

You may have selected “Candidate” as the search mode. If you select “Candidate” in this mode, the score will not be shown in the download file. To view the exam score, select search by “Application” in the search mode field and download the file that appears in the search results.


How do I pay my assessment fee?

Please Pay the examination fee by the guidance sent by email.

Other Questions

I would like to send out a reminder mail to all the candidates in my group. Can this be done?

Reminder mails will automatically be sent out to candidates from the GAIT Office when they register. These will be sent out 3 days prior to the start of the assessment period, and 3 days before the assessment period ends. You can turn off this function at the top of the group test coordinator’s My Page. Instructions on how to manage your My Page can be found here.