GAIT, it is a method to assess the IT skills of an individual according to the latest trends in the industry.

Effective and objectively designed assessment for testing the IT skills

Do you want to evaluate and track the current level of IT skills of the engineers and professionals? Then, GAIT is the best tool which can come to your assistance in such situations. It is a tool which evaluates the basic knowledge and experience of an individual in the 7 fields and 22 categories of the IT in today’s cloud age. GAIT can be used in the ongoing process of assessment in your organization or department therefore it can eliminate the need of add-on evaluating processes.

Can be established as the evaluation and hiring criteria

Your need to find an evaluation tool for your staff could end with GAIT, by using it you can make sure the evaluation is fair and objective. If the assessment program is conducted properly without any outside influence it maintains a high level of motivation in the employees. Using GAIT as a universal evaluation and hiring criteria can make the whole process of assessment smooth and efficient. GAIT score can be used as an important benchmark in the hiring process to gauge the candidate’s skills level.

Strengthen the use of technology for new businesses

Evaluation of the IT skills using GAIT as the assessment tool helps in gauging the strengths and weaknesses of an individual based on the knowledge. This means you can identify the areas of expertise of an individual and it can be implemented in the department and the areas of the need. With the help of this you can devise a plan for professional development in accordance to your new business operations.

Ongoing Training can be Perfected

GAIT scores can be used as an assessment program on all organizational as well as departmental level. A regular practice of using GAIT as an assessment and training program will not only improve the motivational level among the employees. Current skills level of a person can be identified and their goals can be created according to the development of skills they need. The result will be the improvement in the overall level of skills of entire department and organization.

Technical aspects of cloud computing can come under this

GAIT covers a total of 7 fields with 22 categories which means it is a tool that redefines the professional development plans and assessment. While working in cloud computing and technical fields the professionals and the engineers should have the knowledge of all the areas which are being used and applied in today’s technical or cloud age and GAIT can help in the same.